War on Ukraine

War on Ukraine

15th April 2022

UK and Scottish Government information

A list of recent information issued by the UK and Scottish Governments relating to support for Ukrainians in the UK, Ukraine and elsewhere, and British nationals and their families in Ukraine.

The Scottish Government has provided guidance for Local Authorities on the Super Sponsorship scheme.

The DWP has launched a new webpage offering support and information on essential benefits to those arriving in the UK from Ukraine, on the Understanding Universal Credit website.

Anyone choosing to sponsor a Ukrainian individual or family through the Homes for Ukraine scheme will not see their household benefit entitlements affected as a result.

The Scottish Government has published information relating to displaced people from Ukraine who would like to come to Scotland.

As part of the Warm Scots Welcome, the Scottish Government has opened a scheme for providing refuge to those displaced by the invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainians applying for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme can now select the Scottish Government as their sponsorship organisation.

The Home Office has issued a Factsheet regarding changes made to the immigration system to support British nationals and their families in Ukraine, and Ukrainians in the UK, Ukraine and elsewhere.

    • Read the factsheet here.