Support for survivors

Support for survivors

10th December 2021

Redress scheme for child abuse in care

If you were abused as a child in care in Scotland before December 2004, you might be able to apply to the redress scheme for compensation. This is a scheme set up by the Scottish Government.

If you’re a relative of someone who was abused as a child in care, you might be able to apply as their next of kin.

You can apply for a fixed rate redress payment of £10,000 or an individually assessed redress payment of between £20,000 and £100,000. If you’re next of kin, you can apply for a next of kin payment of £10,000. 

The Scottish government is working to ensure that redress payments will not affect your benefits, your tax or the assessment of care home fees. 

If you’re offered a redress payment, you’ll be encouraged to get legal advice about the implications of accepting it. The scheme will pay for the costs of getting legal advice. 

The scheme can also help with other types of redress, such as an apology or access to therapeutic support.

The Scottish government redress scheme case workers can answer questions about the scheme, and give practical and emotional support. Find out more about the redress scheme on