Cost of Living Support in credits?

Cost of Living Support in credits?

17th February 2022

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to reports that Local Authorities could use the cost of living £150 support to pay down council tax debts,

CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said:

“Council tax debt is the number one debt issue the Citizens Advice network deals with. The average council tax debt we see for clients is around £3,500 – nearly three times the average council tax bill. Bluntly for a lot people that £150 wouldn’t make a huge difference to their debt, but could make a difference as to whether they can buy food that week.

“The biggest driver of debt is people simply not having enough money in the first place. With the cost of living crisis set to squeeze household budgets to breaking point, we would strongly encourage local authorities to ensure this is a cash payment to people, not paying down debt.

“We’d also encourage councils to show flexibility and empathy in the months ahead, the reality is a lot of people are going to face close to impossible choices on bills.”



In the first two quarters of financial year 2021/22 the average council tax debt for complex debt clients in the Citizens Advice network was £3,513.

A complex debt is when someone owes multiple debts.

People can check here to see if they are entitled to a Council Tax Reduction: