Celebrations for PASS!

Celebrations for PASS!

6th April 2022

PASS celebrates its 10th anniversary

A service that helps people in Scotland raise complaints about the NHS had reached its tenth anniversary on Monday.

The Patients Advice and Support Service (PASS) has in that time helped over 30,000 people raise concerns about aspects of their treatment by the National Health Service in Scotland.

PASS is funded by the Scottish Government but is run independently by Citizens Advice Scotland. It is accessible to anyone in Scotland, via any Scottish CAB, or at www.cas.org.uk/pass or 0800 917 2127.

CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said,

“I’m very pleased today to mark the first decade of this terrific service. It is staffed by excellent advisers and has made a real difference to the lives of so many families by giving them an impartial channel to express and resolve their complaints with the NHS.

“We all love the NHS, and its mistakes are rare. But they do happen, and this statutory service was put in place to give information on patient rights and responsibilities, as well as providing independent and confidential support to those pursuing complaints.

“That’s what PASS has provided for ten years – and will continue to provide. Last year alone they supported more people than ever, over 5,000 clients – a great achievement.

“In addition to the day-to-day advice services delivered by the Scottish CAB network, we also run a number of projects which offer more targeted advice to specific groups of the population. PASS is one of these, and one which I’m very proud of.”

About PASS

  • PASS was introduced in April 2012. It became a statutory service later that year.
  • PASS is delivered by specialist advisers via the Scottish CAB network.
  • It provides information, advice and support to patients and their carers to give feedback or comments, or raise concerns or complaints, about healthcare provided by NHS Scotland.
  • PASS helps people understand their rights and responsibilities as a patient. It works with NHS Scotland to improve healthcare provision.

Other national projects run by CAS and delivered by Scottish CABs include the Armed Service Advice Project, the Gambling Support Service, the Money Talk TeamHelp to ClaimPension Wise and a series of Energy Advice Projects.