Test & Protect - contact info.

Test & Protect - contact info.

4th August 2021

In order to support NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect service, it's important for community facilities to gather, record and retain minimal contact information from non-takeaway customers, visitors and staff.

As progress is made in suppressing the virus, restrictions on different sectors are being eased. However, this can only take place with appropriate measures in place to prevent the number of cases rising again. In order to support NHS Scotland's Test and Protect service, it's necessary for organisations to gather contact information from members of the public and staff.

Breaking the chains of transmission in the community will stop the virus spreading.

You could also create a Check in Scotland QR code poster as an alternative. Check In Scotland allows you to collect the contact details of people who visit your business or venue: https://www.mygov.scot/qr-check-in

For more support and guidance contact communityinvolvement@shetland.gov.uk