PCR tests in Shetland

PCR tests in Shetland

3rd September 2021

Requesting PCR tests in Shetland

Please find details below on how to request a PCR test in Shetland.

Just a quick reminder, head to https://www.shb.scot.nhs.uk/ and click on the box which says “self-refer for covid test if you have symptoms” on the right hand side of the webpage, you will then be asked to fill in an online form.


May be an image of text that says "HOW TO REQUEST A PCR TEST IN SHETLAND Step-by-Step Guide SELF-ISOLATE showing signs of covid, self-isolate follow these steps Shetla.. 2. GO TO THE NHS SHETLAND WEBPAGE Shetland webpage, www.shb.scot.nhs.uk NHS Shetland oaasture.cough Selfrefer COVID nS 3. CLICK THE BOX the homepage you will see box the right hand side of the screen, "self referra for covid test you have symptoms" THE FORM 4. FILL After clicking on the box you will taken online form, fi this in 5. WAIT TO CONTACT YOU We will now process the touch next with NHS Shetland"